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What is link and build?

Nonstop collaborative language learning

Our goal is to connect people from all over the world to enhance the learning of a second language through conversation. Due to our collaborative tools and exposure to real situations with native speakers, we successfully consolidate effective learning

Charlotte is from Australia and is looking to improve her Spanish.

Charlotte y Maria connect on

Maria is from Mexico and needs to improve her English.

Why learn a language with L&B?

Link&Build is a unique proposal that enhances both learning and teaching. All in the same place.

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L&B finds your partner

We help you find the right person who matches your interests and language level.

Meeting plan

Link&Build will create a schedule of meetings based on you and your partner's availability.

Collaborative tools

Exchange of knowledge among learners is thoughtfully taken care of and designed.

Cultural experience

Besides strenghtening your language, you will learn about other cultures.

How does Link&Build work?

Through our collaborative methodology, we connect you with a native speaker and provide you with innovative content and helpful tools to support conversations and meaningfully enhance your learning. How do we do it?

Your perfect match

Link&Build will find you the right partner

    With similar interests to yours
    With the same language level
    Trustful and safe

Meeting plan

Link&Build will set up a schedule of weekly meetings based on you and your partner's availability

    It will last 1 hour and both of you will speak half the time in each language
    In each meeting there will be an associated activity (podcast, videos, articles, writings, etc.)
    You will have the flexibility to ask your partner to change your schedule

Collaborative learning

Link&Build will provide you with tools that will create a unique experience

    Notes: During the meeting you will be able to exchange recorded suggestions with your partner (provided by Link&Build)
    Feedback: The last 10 minutes of each meeting will be devoted to discussing your performance, fluency and learning of new words
    Assessment: Mutual feedback will be provided by you and your partner at the end of each meeting

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    Point of contact with natives.
    Link&Build Methodology.
    Collaborative tools.
    Cultural expierence.
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