Learn in Nature

When Nature is your Workspace and the World is your Classroom

Turning nature into your workspace and the world into your classroom is transformative. Discover the benefits and how Link&Build is your perfect ally.

27 de septiembre 2023
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In an increasingly digitalized world, it is not strange to find people working or studying from unthinkable corners. From sunny beaches to lush forests, nature is becoming the canvas for many professionals and students. But what drives this change and how can it boost our productivity and learning?

The call of nature

Since ancient times, nature has been a source of inspiration and regeneration for human beings. It is no coincidence that many writers and artists have sought refuge in nature to create their masterpieces. Now, thanks to technology, many of us can move our offices and classrooms into these quiet spaces.

Benefits of Working and Studying Outdoors

1. Increased Creativity: Being surrounded by nature can boost our creative thinking and improve our problem-solving abilities.
2. Stress Reduction: Contact with nature has been shown to reduce levels of cortisol, a hormone related to stress.
3. Improves Concentration: Being outdoors, away from the common distractions of the home or office, can improve our focus and productivity.

The World as a Classroom

Thanks to online platforms and flexible schedules, learning a new language, skill, or even pursuing a college degree can be done from almost anywhere. Studying to the sound of the waves or under the shade of a century-old tree can be an enriching experience that goes beyond the content of the course.

Tips for Working and Studying in Nature

Prepare your Technology: Make sure you have a good Internet connection and bring an external battery for your devices.
• Take care of your Posture: Although working from a hammock sounds tempting, it is essential to maintain good posture to avoid discomfort.
• Respect the Environment: If you choose a natural space, make sure not to leave a trace. Take your trash with you and respect the local fauna and flora.

The Role of Link&Build in this Natural Scenario

While nature offers the space, Link&Build provides you with the perfect tool to enhance your learning. Imagine having real conversations with native speakers while surrounded by mountains, or learning the nuances of a language next to a tranquil lake. With Link&Build, that is precisely the experience we offer you.
Not only do we connect you with people who share your interests and language level, but we offer you an immersive experience adapted to your needs and your environment. Nature may be your classroom, but Link&Build is the bridge that connects you with a world of speakers eager to learn and share.


Turning nature into our workspace and the world into our classroom is an enriching experience, but having the perfect complement to enhance that learning is essential. Link&Build presents itself as that indispensable ally, connecting you with the world from any corner of the planet.

Do not wait more. Explore, learn and connect with the vast world of native speakers willing to share their knowledge.

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