The Power of Conversation Exchange with Natives

Investigate how communicating with native speakers enhances language acquisition and understand the inherent benefits of online study.

13 de octubre 2023
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Over the years, language teaching has constantly evolved. From rigid textbooks and traditional classes to today’s digital applications, we have always sought more efficient ways to learn a second language. However, there is one technique that has consistently proven to be extremely effective: exchanging conversations with native speakers.

Why is exchanging conversations with native speakers so powerful?

1. Exposure to real situations:

◦ Living language dynamism: Language classes and apps are great tools, but they often feature boilerplate language. In contrast, native speakers use the language in a lively and dynamic way, incorporating slang, colloquialisms and idioms that are constantly evolving.

◦ Cultural understanding: It is not only the language that you learn when you converse with a native, but also the culture. You understand the context behind certain expressions, gaining a deeper and more nuanced understanding of the language.

◦ Acclimatization to different accents: Not all native speakers sound the same. By interacting with different people, you become familiar with a variety of accents, which improves your ability to understand in real situations.

2. Real-time error correction:

◦ Authentic feedback: While apps and online programs can correct you, a native speaker offers contextualized corrections. They can explain why something sounds strange or wrong, providing a deeper understanding of your mistakes.

◦ Encouragement for fluency: Immediate correction can be a challenge, but it is also a motivator. It pushes you to think quickly and adapt, encouraging a more natural flow over time.

3. Development of listening skills:

◦ Ear Tuning: Just as a musician develops his ear for nuances in music, a language learner develops a similar ability to discern sounds and linguistic patterns, which is essential for comprehension.

◦ Improved decoding: By being regularly exposed to a native speaker, you become more proficient at deciphering words and phrases quickly, even when spoken quickly or with a strong accent.

This approach of learning through genuine conversation, supported by correction and encouragement from a native speaker, is the essence of true language learning. It’s a process that immerses you, challenges you and, most importantly, prepares you to use the language in the real world.

Benefits of Link&Build in your Linguistic Learning

While conversation sharing is a powerful technique on its own, platforms like Link&Build take this experience to the next level.

• Smart Matching: Link&Build connects you with people who have similar interests and comparable skill levels, ensuring meaningful and productive interactions.

• Flexibility: With Link&Build, you can adapt your schedule according to your needs and those of your exchange partner.

• Additional resources: Each meeting comes with associated activities such as podcasts, videos and articles, further enriching your learning experience.

For those who have felt the insecurity, fear and shame of not being able to communicate efficiently in a second language, Link&Build not only offers a practical solution but also a path to achieve those dreams and goals that seemed unattainable due to the language barrier. .

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