The Power of Conversation Exchange with Natives

Investigate how communicating with native speakers enhances language acquisition and understand the inherent benefits of online study.

13 de octubre 2023
Link&Build in Nature

Conquering Peaks and Goals

Just like a climber faces mountainous challenges, learning a language is a journey. With Link & Build, turn every obstacle into a milestone toward success.

24 de agosto 2023
Space learning

Technology: A Vehicle Toward Language Learning Without Borders

Digital technology is transforming language learning. Link & Build removes geographic barriers, allowing students to learn from anywhere.

18 de julio 2023
No dejes Pasar el Tren de las Oportunidades

Overcome your fears, don't let the train pass!

With Link & Build, break the language barriers and get on board the train of opportunities. Find out how trust is built through authentic conversations and how the world can become your destination station.

22 de mayo 2023

Link&Build: "Una propuesta original que potencia tu segundo idioma"

¿Estudiaste inglés y te cuesta hablar con fluidez? ¿Estás por viajar al extranjero y necesitas practicar? ¿Quieres potenciar tu aprendizaje para aplicar tus posibilidades de trabajo? Ahora llegó una nueva forma de estudiar una segunda lengua.

14 de octubre 2022