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Humor Unites Cultures: Discover it with Link&Build

With Link&Build, learning a language goes beyond mastering grammar and vocabulary; it's about immersing yourself in a new culture and discovering the humor behind each language. Humor is a portal to culture and people, a way of seeing the world through their eyes. Learning with Link&Build allows you to discover what laughter sounds like in a different language, connecting with native speakers and enjoying humor in its original cultural context.

27 de julio 2023
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Universal Laughter, Diverse Cultures

Laughter, that spontaneous explosion of joy and fun, is one of humanity’s most universal experiences. No matter your background, culture, or language, we all understand the feeling of a good laugh. But have you ever wondered what laughter sounds like in another language? How is humor perceived in a culture different from yours?

Learning Languages, Knowing Cultures with Link&Build

Link&Build is an innovative language learning platform that connects people from all over the world, promoting learning through conversation. It’s not just about mastering grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation; it’s about immersing yourself in the culture, understanding the subtleties and discovering the humor behind each language.

Humor, A Door to Culture

Humor can be complex and highly cultural. What may seem hilarious to some may be incomprehensible to others. This is because humor is rooted in cultural experiences, puns, double meanings, and the particular historical and social events of each country. Therefore, understanding the humor of a country is a gateway to its culture, its people and its way of seeing the world.

Real Conversations, Authentic Learning

When you learn a language with Link&Build, you have the opportunity to connect with native speakers who share similar interests as you. This is a powerful way to expose yourself to real life situations, where the language comes to life beyond the textbooks. You will find yourself laughing at anecdotes told in your new language, discovering inside jokes and experiencing humor in its original cultural context.

Your Learning, Your Rhythm

But how exactly does it work? Link&Build establishes a schedule of weekly meetings, according to your availability and that of your partner. These meetings last one hour, where both will have the opportunity to speak half the time in each language. Each meeting is based on an associated activity (podcast, videos, articles, writing, etc.) designed to facilitate the conversation and make it more interesting.

Link&Build: Laughing in a New Language

In short, learning a language with Link&Build is more than just learning words and phrases; it is immersing yourself in a new culture, understanding its humor and laughing in a totally different language. Through our collaborative methodology, we help you overcome barriers and offer you an enriching, flexible and accessible learning experience.

Are you ready to discover what laughter sounds like in a new language? Join Link&Build and immerse yourself in the experience.