Conecta con nativos y fortalece tu aprendizaje

A través de nuestra metodología colaborativa, potencia tus habilidades en el idioma que elijas aprender


The Power of Conversation Exchange with Natives

Investigate how communicating with native speakers enhances language acquisition and understand the inherent benefits of online study.

13 de octubre 2023

When Nature is your Workspace and the World is your Classroom

Turning nature into your workspace and the world into your classroom is transformative. Discover the benefits and how Link&Build is your perfect ally.

27 de septiembre 2023

Study Abroad: Learn with Natives

This article explores the power of language learning through conversation and how Link&Build prepares you to study in Latin America. Join us and transform your academic journey.

8 de septiembre 2023

Conquering Peaks and Goals

Just like a climber faces mountainous challenges, learning a language is a journey. With Link & Build, turn every obstacle into a milestone toward success.

24 de agosto 2023

The Deep Journey of Learning a Language

To immerse yourself in a language is to discover the soul of a culture. With Link & Build, live an authentic journey, connecting with stories and traditions that await you around every corner.

18 de agosto 2023

Humor Unites Cultures: Discover it with Link&Build

With Link&Build, learning a language goes beyond mastering grammar and vocabulary; it's about immersing yourself in a new culture and discovering the humor behind each language. Humor is a portal to culture and people, a way of seeing the world through their eyes. Learning with Link&Build allows you to discover what laughter sounds like in a different language, connecting with native speakers and enjoying humor in its original cultural context.

27 de julio 2023

Technology: A Vehicle Toward Language Learning Without Borders

Digital technology is transforming language learning. Link & Build removes geographic barriers, allowing students to learn from anywhere.

18 de julio 2023

Conquer the Hispanic Market from the Tranquility of your Home

One of these emerging markets is the Hispanic market, a growing economic powerhouse that offers a vast sea of opportunities for those willing to take the plunge

29 de junio 2023

Strengthen your Spanish, live the Culture with Link&build

At Link&build, we believe that learning a language is a journey, an adventure that takes you beyond words and phrases to discover new ways of seeing the world. Strengthening your Spanish is your passport to this journey.

20 de junio 2023

Link & Build, Your Guide to Overcoming Exchange Student Fears.

Transform your fears into curiosity, your doubts into determination, along the way we accompany you to master your academic destiny.

5 de junio 2023